GU Energy Gel

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A tasty form factor that provides a refreshing alternative to power your strong finish-line kicks, or to simply complete a long training day with confidence. Mixing up your nutrition form factors will help keep you fuelled and perform better. 

  • May reduce mental fatigue and help decrease muscle damage during exercise
  • Delivers ready-to-use energy for athletes and can delay bonking by sparing glycogen stores
  • Helps enhance performance by increasing focus and concentration while training or racing

Flavours Without Caffeine:

  • Strawberry Banana 
  • Lemon Sublime
  • Campfire S'Mores

Flavours with Caffeine:

  • Cola - 40mg
  • Jet Blackberry - 40mg
  • Chocolate Outrage - 20mg
  • Vanilla Bean - 20mg
  • Marandin Orange - 20mg
  • Triberry - 20mg
  • Salted Caramel - 20mg
  • Tastefully Nude - 20mg

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