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Nowadays it seem obligatory to be guided by an echo chamber and, well, this is ours:



Run Chat Live – Matt Phillips

About: Hosted by UK sports therapist and lecturer (and friend of Run Beyond) Matt Phillips, Run Chat Live is dedicated to putting evidence back into running injury and performance. Matt’s written articles were an early influence on our philosophy at Run Beyond and it was a visit to Matt’s StrideUK clinic in Brighton that motivated us to invest in bringing the MotionMetrix gait analysis system to Kenya. We then were lucky enough that the man himself agreed to come out and train the team on how to use it.

With his boyish charm and enthusiasm (not to mention the beard we all dream of) Matt consistently attracts some of the biggest names from the realms of both performance coaching and clinical practice. Make sure you’ve got time for the back catalogue because once you start listening you’ll be hooked.


Facebook/Twitter: @RunChatLive



Sports Podiatry Info – Ian Griffiths

About: Ian is a widely experienced sports podiatrist and current Head of Podiatry at Pure Sports Medicine in London. Moreover, as a fellow of the Faculty of Podiatry Medicine at the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons (Glasgow) and the College of Podiatry in Podiatric Medicine he is also one of the most clued up practitioners when it comes to current research in the field.

Focusing on gait analysis, biomechanically induced tissue stress, the application of engineering principles to human structures, as well as the mechanisms of effect of foot orthoses, Ian’s blog is has a wide selection of evidence backed articles on the foot and sports related injuries. An engaging speaker he also co-hosts the aptly name PodChatLive with another of our favourite clinicians Craige Payne.


Facebook: @sportspodiatryinfo

Twitter: @Sports_Pod



Running Research Junkie – Craig Payne

About: Craig Payne is possibly the most avid consumer and critical reviewer of running related research about. Although it’s gone a bit quite recently, his Running Research Junkie blog is still one of our first ports of call when we want to know what the evidence says on a specific issue. What we love about Craig is that although he clearly likes being provocative and picking the odd fight on social media, he remains committed to going where the evidence take him and he’s really open about how this has changed his own practice over the years.

His self-touted epitaph “different running techniques and different running shoes load different tissues differently in difference runners” both sums up for us the complexity of interpreting running related evidence (where aggregated results can hide wide variability in subjects) as well as a warning against "correct and only way to run" syndrome.


Facebook: @craig.payne.3958

Twitter: @CraigBPayne



Kinetic Revolution - James Dunne

About: James Dunne is a UK based sports rehabilitation therapist and coach. He started Kinetic Revolution back in 2010 as a means of sharing what I learned on his journey from ex-pro rugby player working in the sports injury world to becoming a marathon runner.

The site itself has some great resources include a free 30-day challenge which we regulalry recommend to runners, training programmes and load of informative blog posts. James is also a really affable YouTube presence and he's videos are alwarys worth a watch.


Facebook/Twitter: @KineticRev




Running Physio - Tom Goom

About: We had the pleasure of meeting Tom at the 2019 Run Chat Live conference in Brighton. A physiotherapist with over 15 years experience and a very keen runner, Tom started in 2012 to offer free advice to runners on injury treatment and prevention. He also runs the sucessful Running Repair Course.

The website is packed with great articles and podcasts, but you'll also quickly see that Tom is creating a bit of a niche in turning the latest running research and findings into easy to follow infographics and visuals.


Facebook: @RunningPhysio

Twitter: @tomgoom



Runners Connect

About: US based Runners Connect is online home of Coach Jeff Gaudette and his team. The team offer remote training programmes and coaching, and you need to pay for membership to access some of the resources; however there's still loads of free material and podcasts covering everything from nutrition, to training, to injury prevention.


Facebook: @onlinerunningcoach