Our Mission: To Support Your Running Journey


"That's the thing about running: your greatest runs are rarely measured by racing success. They are moments in time when running allows you to see how wonderful your life is"

Kara Goucher

We've been running for two decades and love this quote.  Of course, new personal bests are great, but above all we've been blessed for the places running has taken us, the people and stories it's introduced to, the challenges it's given us (some achieved and still to go), for that feeling of being fit and ready for anything, and for the countless hours of peaceful fulfillment be it alone on quiet trails, enjoying a social chat in the company of others, or with the nerves and energy of a start line. 

So our mission as Kenya's first premium specialist running store?  To share the sport we love and encourage others to explore where running can take them.  Whether it's supporting you in starting out, or helping you to achieve your next running goal, we'd love be part of your running journey and help in any way we can.

As a specialist running store we're working hard to make sure that you can access appropriate shoes, clothing and accessories from top international running brands, here in Kenya, at affordable prices and with professional fitting; but we're also here for advice, motivation and encouragement.  Outside the store, we're looking to create social and welcoming opportunities for recreational runners of all levels to train, race and grow their running experience.

If you think that running is just for the elites, think again.  With fast and slow runners, young and old, beginners, casual and enthusiasts, Kenya has a diverse and growing recreational running community.  Be part of it. 

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