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Urban Swaras

About: Based in Nairobi, the Swaras started running as a group in 2006 before getting formally registered in 2010. They organise weekly Saturday runs mostly in and around Nairobi, as well as out of town runs at scenic locations all over Kenya. Their goal is to promote recreational running in Kenya, and provide a home for runners of all calibers looking for good running company and a variety of interesting running trails

Regular meets: Thursday evenings (Impala Club); Saturday mornings (various locations in and around Nairobi)

Running calendar:

Contact Person: Nyokabi

Phone: 0733 370018

Email: [email protected]




Team Jasho

About:They are passionate about wholesome Health and Fitness! Team Jasho aims to organize fun, sociable and value for money running events, for runners of all abilities. They believe in races that are tough, marshals that are friendly, views that are awesome and medals that are ace.They work with people to bring the best value to their events, venues and suppliers, local running clubs and volunteer groups. They work with some of the best companies in the country to make races interesting, fun, challenging and affordable.

Regular meets: Monthly club run in and around Nairobi

Contact Person: Desmond

Phone: 0721 795744

Email: [email protected]




Run Fit 

About: Run Fit Club started as a brainchild of a small group of enthusiastic recreational runners committed to achieving their individual running goals. They realized they could achieve their wildest fitness dreams by training together as a team true to the African proverb "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” The only problem is that they wanted the best of both worlds - to go fast and go far and that's how "Run Fit Club" was born.

Regular meets: The club is based in Nairobi and organizes biweekly group runs on Saturdays in various areas in the city and its environs. Training runs also happen out of town with some being held at high altitude areas of Iten and Kerio amongst others

Contact Person: David 

Phone: 0721 384923

Email: [email protected]




Nairobi Hash Harriers

About: Hash House Harriers objectives are to promote physical fitness amongst the Hash House Harriers members, get rid of weekend hangovers, acquire a good thirst and to satisfy it in beer and to persuade the older members that they are not as old as they feel.

Regular meets: The Hashers run in three groups; one on Sundays and two on Mondays

Contact Person - Sunday: Claire

Phone: 0792 745372

Sunday Runs - Email:  [email protected]

Monday Runs - Email:  [email protected]

Monday Runs - Email[email protected]    





About: If you are a recreational runner looking for friends to make your run enjoyable, with nobody judging your pace, PB or mileage, then that`s them

Regular meets: Second  Saturday of each month in various locations 

Contact Person: Munyaka

Phone: 0725 157834

Email: [email protected]




TipwaTipwa Fitness

About: We run, we hike, we bike, we climb, and all the while, we do it together and we have fun. TipwaTipwa is all about putting oneself through fun yet rigorous group exercise activities that both push and rejuvenate the whole body- muscle, mind and spirit. It’s about working in groups, with family and enjoying the great outdoors; pushing one’s activity levels higher, setting pragmatic goals and demolishing them. Holistic fitness is us - it’s about challenging oneself to be physically and gastronomically healthy by making fitness and good health a lifestyle for self and family alike.

Regular meets: Dawn runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays (Methodist roundabout) and Sunday morning runs (Lavington Green). At least one hike (some camping) a month, two mountain climbs a year, family triathlons/duathlons/bike races and rides, and plenty of fun ribbing going around all year to encourage each other.

Contact Person: Maggie

Phone: 0708 418 440

Email: [email protected]




Mombasa Running Club

About: Located in Nyali

Regular meets: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. They normally run in Mombasa forest trails.

Contact Person: Mathew

Phone: 0702 917511

Email: [email protected]



Tulibos Running Club, Nakuru

About: Team Tizi360 aka Tulibos is based in Nakuru since July 2015. Their membership is drawn from fitness enthusiasts who walk, run and gym. Their objective is to bring together people who motivate one another to keep fit and stay fit.

Regular meets: TBC

Contact Person: Terry

Phone: 0780 782308

Email: [email protected]