Gait Analysis


Introducing the Latest in Markerless 3-D Gait Analysis Technology

With our markerless 3-D MotionMetrix gait lab, we're excited to offer the latest technology for helping you to better understand how you move and where their might be opportunities for you to improve your running.  Using two, motion sensing, infrared cameras, the system offers a complete profile of your running gait in less than a minute.

For just Ksh 3,000, a 60 minute session includes:

  • a running/injury history
  • a set of simple checks looking at your stability, range of motions, alignment and strength
  • MotionMetrix analysis and reports
  • written feedback


MotionMetrix Insights

As well as a full 3-D rendering of how you move, MotionMetrix provides a wide range of running metrics including:
  • Running Economy: how much energy you use, what you use it for, and how much "free" elastic energy you recover through your gait cycle
  • Posture: including any pelvic tilt and forward lean
  • Stride Metrics: foot strike, cadence, contact time, stride width and overstride
  • Forces: including breaking, vertical and lateral (sidewards) forces and moments around each knee and hip
  • Biomechanical Metrics: including degrees of knee and hip flexion at key points in the gait cycle