The Perfect Run

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At some point in every runner's career they experience the “perfect” run. If you're one of the lucky few, it happens on a regular basis. Everything seems to just click. Your worries about the day and physical aches and pains melt away. Your body and mind are in complete sync and the run feels effortless. Research shows that not only do runners enjoy running more when they enter that higher-level state known as “flow,” they also perform better.

Even still, the path to achieving the perfect run remains mysterious. It often materializes in the unlikeliest of circumstances--in adverse weather or on a day when everything else seems to be going wrong. Conversely, when we try hard to create the right conditions for that perfect run, it often doesn't come about.

An intentional approach to your running practice can help lay the groundwork to getting into that “perfect run” headspace run after run.

This new book from the author of Mindful Running is a practical guide on how to cultivate the “perfect run.” It chronicles what the latest research on optimal experiences shows and offers stories from various notable professional and elite runners throughout, along with go-to exercises in each chapter.

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