The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition - 9th Edition

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Author: Anita Bean

What you eat and drink are important considerations when it comes to maximising your sports performance. Whether you are a professional or amateur athlete, or just enjoy regular workouts, well-chosen nutrition strategies can enhance your performance and recovery after exercise.

This fully updated and revised edition incorporates the latest cutting-edge research and provides all the tools to help you reach your performance goals.

This ninth edition includes accessible guidance on the following topics:

· Maximising endurance, strength, performance and recovery
· How to calculate your optimal energy, carbohydrate and protein requirements
· Advice on improving body composition
· The most popular sports supplements
· Relative energy deficiency in sport (RED-S) and eating disorders
· Hydration strategies to prevent hypohydration and overhydration
· Specific advice for masters athletes, young athletes and plant-based athletes
· Nutrition strategies to prepare for competition
· Immune health and recovery from injury
· Gut health and how to avoid gut problems during exercise

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