5.2.2. Richard Malowa - Elgeyo Marakwet


About the Contributor

I am a recreational runner who runs for fun and to see the world, I started running in 2019, progressing gradually from 5ks to half marathons, have done a couple Full marathons and a bunch of ultras ranging from 52-82km. This particular route is special to me because it was my first Ultra Marathon and opened my eyes to the wonderful world of ultra running and to constantly ask myself the question, how far is too far, I will be back when I have an answer to that question.


About the Route

The route is pretty much straight forward, begins with a 16km drop before you start the climb to Biretwo, the bottom of the valley upto Biretwo can be very hot so strive to get there in the morning hours, from Biretwo the route continues uphill to Tambach where some flattish segments provide respite before continuing uphill to Kibemok and ending at the Iten Viewpoint with some breathtaking views of the Rift Valley. There are several fruit vendors along the way so fueling shouldnt be a concern and the town centres mentioned all have decent shops and restaurants for a quick bit


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