4.2.3. Maureen Wachu - Kajiado


About the Contributor

I'm Wachu and have been running for 12 years now.  For these 12 years, running has grown to become my morning companion, my quiet place, it's where I go to pray, it's where I really get to listen to my body and my thoughts and travel within and outside these borders.  I enjoy solo or group runs with friends and loads of music- it's never that serious.

I chose to share this particular run I did in 2018 with my friends since it was probably the most enjoyable run I have done to date.  I mean it was the beautiful morning sunrise, the killer elevation and just good company of friends suffering the same fate with me all the way. 


About the Route

This was a 25km run on the straight forward Magadi Road (South West of Nairobi) from a little town called Oltepes to Corner Baridi with a 934m in elevation gain, spectacular sunrise views, the fluid views of the Rift Valley escarpment and of course Ngong Hills as you finish up on the trail course.  A perfect trail on a road less travelled for  anyone training for a full marathon and ultra runs.  

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