4.1.5. Mark Mumo - Kahara


About the Contributor

I'm a recreational runner who started taking my running a bit more seriously in 2019. Before then I just used to run the Kilimanjaro marathon and the Stanchart marathon and sleep in between.  I identify with Team Jasho ( though I run with other groups as well such as Swaras and Runfit ).  I ran my maiden marathon in Oct 2019 at the Stanchart marathon after a competitive training regime courtesy of Team Jasho.  It was quite exciting seeing my running improve over the course of 3 months.  I love running around Karen.


About the Route

You haven't experienced Nairobi running until you have run the legendary Kahara route. Starting at the foot of Ngong hills , it goes all the way until Kona Baridi. The stretch is 13km one way and hence 26km in total. You start at the county offices, just where the Tarmac ends, and you run along the dirt road. Dirt road means no cars, and you will find lots of other runners on the route. Early mornings and you will find a couple of elite runners on the route as well. 

The views are amazing, and the lack of cars means that you can really hear the sounds of nature such as birds chirping and other farm noises like cows. On the way back, you have a lovely view of the wind turbines on Ngong hills. There are also a couple of shops on the route, so getting water isn't a problem.

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