4.1.3. Lydia Owuor - Langata


About the Contributor

I love running because I believe it is one of the best ways to experience nature, discover new places and meet new friends. I also need it to maintain my sanity. I love it when I've had a good run and it's usually because the route and terrain were perfect. When this happens, I want more people to experience that same feeling at that same spot - it's just a beautiful way to connect with someone who's done a run there, even if you aren't running with them at the time.


About the Route

I love this route because it takes me through different topographies and "temperaments" of Nairobi. When you start the run it's a calm and gentle downhill, just what you need to warm up then it switches to elevations, rocks, uneven and tiny paths etc. You run along the Southern Bypass briefly, then along Langata Rd towards Mbagathi Way then > Mbagathi Way to City Mortuary Roundabout > Ngong Rd to Raken > Karen Rd > Langata Rd > then back to the starting point.

There's a mix of cabro, tarmac and murram and it all feels good on you as you are slipping in and out of fatigue. There is a lot of art to see on Ngong Rd so you also get to sightsee and acknowledge the talents we have in the city. It is a very unpredictable terrain if you have not done it before, making it even more enjoyable 


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