4.1.2. Tim Ngugi - Lower Kabete


About the Contributor

In life we are always told to find that one thing that you can always turn to give you relief/happiness. For me running is my therapy and I'm always ‘trail-ing’ or as I love to call it ‘hurting the dirt’ in search of the 'Holy' grail trail.

I've shared this route, as it is easily accessible and has beautiful trails (some through a mini forest with great breeze). It has both ascents and descents hence a proper work out and has friendly locals who always up for a shout out as you run past them.


About the Route

The route is about 20% Tarmac and 80% beautiful scenic trails (including through mini forest) with 464m of elevation gain.

The route starts and ends on Lower Kabete Road i.e. Lower Kabete Police Station / Site Office - Western Bypass Road Construction Nairobi. In between you will tackle the Kapenguria road climb and Ndumboini Shops, before hitting beautiful trails hidden on both sides of Forth Smith and the Kanyariri-Gitaru Road, passing Kabete High School as you finish.

 Bonus: this route can be remixed (or done in reverse) to suit any distance as it's interconnected to major roads/highways.


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