3.1.5. George Ogada - Southern Bypass


About the Contributor

I started my running journey back in February 2019 on this very route for its convenience to where I live. Given that it's almost three years now I'd like to think I'm a bit of an expert at what it entails :) 


About the Route

What drew me to the route was the Nairobi National Park scenery and the off chance that a wild animal could be spotted while on a run as a little treat. On a more serious note I love that this route (the entire 30K stretch) has a smooth track on each side. This is not so common on most roads. As an extra precaution however, it's very important to run against traffic. The terrain has stretches of flat surface alternating with hills that take the challenge up a notch just as one is getting into their comfort zone and pace. It is great for pace and endurance training in this regard. Loved by runners and cyclists alike, that little nod or thumbs up by a fellow fitness enthusiast is good for morale to keep going on a slow day. The most ideal day for a long run is definitely Sunday morning as there is least traffic and movement. Excellent views of nature and the city skyline along the route also make for a welcome distraction once in a while. 


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