3.1.4. Peter Muhoho - Karura


About the Contributor

I'm Muhoho, a budding runner and lover of nature. I've been running on and off for 5 years thereabout. I've done several 21KM races but I'm hoping to do my first 42KM later this year in the Stanchart marathon.


About the Route

I've decided to share my Karura "Sweet 21' Trail Run because who doesn't love a trail run away from the bustling city streets. Karura is a perfect place for someone who is new in town and would love to explore nature while working out at the same time. The place is ideal for a nature walk, excursion, trail run or offroad biking. The trails are perfect for a morning, day or evening workout with the place being very safe with a secure parking My route begins and ends at Kiambu road gate entrance. My run is right handed so I always take the extreme right turn at most junctions. The route is not fixed, feel free to tweak your runs while exploring the waterfalls and caves at the same time. T he route is well marked if you want to return back to where you started. If you are wearing headphones just be on the lookout for bikers coming from behind you. Apart from that, enjoy the run!


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