3.1.1. Nyaruai Muhoro - Mbitini Rd


About the Contributor

I’ve been running for about 7 years now, recreational no pressure runner. I'm also an avid hiker. Running gives me the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, an opportunity to meet new people and interact and go to many new places. Running is a relatively easy habit to pick and keep. Through running I have travelled many places in Kenya, Africa and the World. I have been to Moshi-Tanzania, Kampala, Ssesse Island, Jinja - all in Uganda, Kigali - Rwanda, Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe, Cape Town - South Africa all in the pursuit of the elusive runners high. I have also done the London Marathon, Chicago Marathon, Berlin marathon and New York marathon chasing the Abbot Six star achievement. Of these I have yet to do Tokyo and Boston marathons.


About the Route

This is a common easy weekday run. The run starts at Thiongo just beyond the Total petrol station on Waiyaki Way, down into Kangemi. Cross over to Loresho, past Loresho Springs Estate and down Loresho Ridge into the University of Nairobi Coffee plantation. Keep going until the back gate of the Upper Kabete Campus, University of Nairobi, and back into the shamba for some lovely views of dams and farms out near the Sugar Board of Kenya. Return through Loresho springs estate and Waiyaki Way to the start point. The route is 80% soft ground thus highly recommended. Gives you a nice elevation gain 170m ASL. It’s a good neighbourhood run to do alone or with other runners in the neighbourhood.


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