2.1.6. Wanja Karebe - Langata




About the Contributor


I discovered running as a way to heal from pain and through that I discovered my love of adventure, travel and discovery of new places. I always look at new places as to how I can run it and different possible roads I can take. I chose this run because it is familiar and yet still challenges me. Also getting to see familiar faces that encourage me to keep going.


About the Route

The location of the run is in Karen, specifically Langa'ata. The route starts at Mbogani cottages which is on Kasuku Drive. It goes down Bogani road, turns left into Kumbe (Kombe) road which is opposite Tamasha, after Regency Park right onto another section of Kumbe road, turn left onto Silanga road, turn left onto Fairacres road, get to Golden Oak Villas and go left still on Fairacres road and stops a few feet from Lang'ata road and comes back following the same route to Bogani road and down to Mbogani cottages. It is a well shaded route and is mostly on tarmac and there are sections of pedestrian walkway. 


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