2.1.5. Brian Gichora - Kiambu Road




About the Contributor


I'm 27 and live along Kiambu Road. Honestly speaking I'm more of a cyclist than a runner. For some weird reason I can't get beyond 20km, runner's knee kicks in. Nonetheless I still run twice a week just to keep the knee in check. I got to know about this challenge from my friend, Huria who's been an inspiration since we met in high school. He's been my moral compass and pushed me to be better than I can be. In this covid times after I lost my job, he's really stood by me and i can say I'm now recovering from the shock. If I won the Garmin Forerunner 245, it would go to him. 

About the Route

The route starts at Quickmart Kiambu Road. Unfortunately it's not a circuit but the end point makes it totally worth it. Plus the trail after leaving the main road is breathtaking. I do this route and take some time off to meditate at the end point at the waterfall. At Quickmart Kiambu Road, run towards Kiambu town, make a right just after KIST to Fairview estates, run straight ahead into the coffee estate, make a hard right turn at the second gate. Run straight ahead till you get to a huge bougainvillea tree. Turn left, you can hear the waterfall from there. Take the trail downwards. 

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