2.1.1. Rushab Shah - Donyo Sabuk Ave


About the Contributor

I started running last year when the pandemic hit and everything closed down. I started off barely being able to finish a 5KM run and ended being able to run 10KM non stop at a good pace. I love how free I feel when I run and how it makes me feel like a kid again.


About the Route

The route starts off on General mMathenge Road and heads towards Lower Kabete Road. Head past the Spring Valley Police Station and all the way up. After Zen Gardens, take the first right on Ngecha Road and run down the huge hill. After you'll meet a junction, take the right going towards Kitusuru Road and head all the way down past Spinners Web. At the end of Kitusuru Road you will join Peponi Road where you head back to General Mathenge and finish off the run.


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