1.2.1 Obed Kiiru - Malindi




About the Contributor


My name is Obed, a budding runner and avid backpacker.  I'm a lover of short runs; mostly 5k runs which leave my body fired up.  I have come to have a thing for running in new places whenever I travel because you get to discover places you wouldn't normally see on a car.  The downside of running in a new place is getting lost as you move around and so you have to be constantly on your phone checking Maps. I recently faced the same problem when I was in Malindi when I got lost and found myself in a found myself in a historical site where I was forced to pay entrance fee.  This is the reason for sharing this route to assist other runners who visit Malindi




About the Route


The route is 5KM long, straight stretch located on the brown sandy beaches of Malindi.  You can access the route from the famous Malindi pier and finish at any point along the stretch.  The route is ideal for a morning run where you can watch the beautiful sunrise over the Indian Ocean. T he route is very safe so feel free to carry your phone along to capture the beautiful sunrise.




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