1.1.2. John Simoes Gil - Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary


About the Contributor

I'm a french-portuguese guy and have lived in Kenya for 3 years working as a PE teacher at the French School of Nairobi (LFDD). I love running, I think I always loved to run, but unfortunately this last years I've been chaining the wounds so nowadays I can't run as I would like to. And because of my weakened body, I always try to find places to run on the grass or on a dirt path to prevent injuries and I prefer short distances. That's why I'm sharing with you this great run of 5K which is located at Ngong Forest Sanctuary.


About the Route

What you need to know before going there is that the entrance fee is 100 KES for citizens and 200 KES for residents. There's a nice parking there and also a playground for the kids. It's also a nice place for cycling and there are 4 well indicated routes that you can follow: 5K, 10K, 15K and 20K. To reach Ngong Forest Sanctuary to need to take Ngong Road (way to Karen) and take the exit on your left here: The entrance of the Forest is here, reached by turning off Ngong Road at the corner of Jamhuri Park.


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