1.1.1. Kimani Muna - Karura Kiambu Rd Gate


About the Contributor

I picked up running/walking because my weight was becoming an issue since most of the time I was sedentary at my work place. With it, I found a new, easy, affordable and refreshing way to work out and it is now becoming a way of life. I enjoy taking my runs/walks in Karura Forest since one can use several routes without repetition for a couple of days. I like the particular route that I have shared because it takes one through the main path from Gate C, through the picnic/meditation area and eventually back to Gate C. It's very scenic in my opinion.


About the Route

From Gate C (off Kiambu Rd) take the Wangari Maathai Track straight up to marker number 30.  Turn right and, at the bottom of the slop (number marker 37), turn right again. Return to the gate via the Muhugu Trail taking a detour through the picknic area and following the boundary fence up to the parking.


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