Salomon Men's Sonic 4 Balance

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What Salomon Say:

The updated Sonic 4 Balance is designed to be as springy as it is cushioned. We’ve kept our Optivibe™ cushioning to dampen uncomfortable vibrations without sacrificing energy return, so you get a really responsive ride. Now with a softer mesh and inner booty construction, this shoe is revving to go the extra mile.


  • Optivibe™ cushioning helps limit vibrations with the aim of decreasing muscle fatigue, while continuing to deliver a responsive ride.
  • Delivers that bouncy, springy feeling each time you push off the ground.
  • The Geometric Decoupling axis is centered to deliver a balanced, effortless forward transition from contact to propulsion.


  • Brand Categorization: Neutral
  • Cushoning: Minimum
  • Weight: 256g
  • Drop: 8mm




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