Altra Women's Rivera

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What Altra Say:

Slimmer. Sleeker. Snugger. This new, open-road-ready shoe is our first trim-fitting FootShape™ shoe. Transform your road-running with the tried-and-true Altra EGO™ midsole, a light and breathable engineered mesh upper, and a Neutral Innerflex™ outsole for flexibility and performance. Go with the flow for all your road-running needs with the all-new Rivera.


  • Foot shaped
  • Balanced Cushioning
  • Altra EGo
  • Inner flex
  • Footpod technology

 Design Features

  • Brand Categorization: Road
  • Cushioning: New convergence visible rear-foot gel, forefoot gel
  • Weight: 197g
  • Drop: 0mm


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