Mizuno Women's Wave Rider 22

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What Mizuno Say:

Mizuno’s iconic Wave Rider is built to give you an extra push when your run gets tough by providing an incredible dynamic cushioned, light and fast feel. As soon as your feet touches the road, you will experience a softer landing and a stable foot trajectory. As your feet take off from the ground, you will feel the benefits of the responsive ride that impulses your next step.

The Wave Rider 22 carries on the legacy of one of the favourite running shoes around the world and takes yet another step towards creating the best running experience possible, incorporating a unique construction to provide an all-in-one solution for cushioning, stability and energy return.

The Wave Rider series is the epitome of Mizuno’s goal to provide an excellent and enjoyable running experience.


  • Great balance of a cushioned ride with proper stability.
  • Double fan-shaped wave plate provides ample amount of support for over pronators.
  • Seamless upper construction to fit many different types of runners.
  • Stitched toe box for a softer more comfortable forefoot fit.
  • Engineered mesh on upper provides both fit and comfort through the biomechanical pattern.

Product Features:

  • Brand Categorization: Road
  • Cushioning: Foam
  • Weight: 241g
  • Heel drop: 12mm
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