Ronhill Reversible Merino Hat

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This tee features Tech Merino,our premium 50/50 merino and polyester blend that offers numerous benefits.Runners go through many highs and lows during a long run and one of them will be your body temperature.Merino has a unique quality, which will help lower your temperature when you start to overheat and warm you up when your temperature is low.But Merino isn’t just about temperature regulation.The natural fibres of the wool are smoother and finer than others making it soft next to the skin.Merino has the additional benefit of being anti-microbial which makes it odour resistant.Additionally our tech merino has higher strength and increased abrasion resistance for better durability

  • Regulite fabric featuring merino blend
  • Cruelty free merino
  • Reversible hat design
  • Natural odour wicking
  • Lightweight, breathable and quick drying
  • Soft hand feel
  • Embroidered branding
  • Reflective
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