2.1.4. Leah Muriu - Riverside Drive




About the Contributor


My name is Leah. Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, I started running consistently. I have improved over time from 8+ minutes per KM to a personal best of 6:32 per KM. I prefer to run for one hour in the morning, and the route I have shared is my default & preferred route. On average, I run at least 4 days a week, mostly during weekdays. Whenever I can, I incorporate a long run over the weekend. A long run for me means anything between 18 to 22 kms.  I ran the Standard Chartered Half Marathon in 2019 and the Kilimanjaro Half Marathon way back in 2011. This year, I am training to run for a full marathon in October. I may be slow but I will finish the race. 

About the Route

I run clockwise on one day from 9 Riverside (BBC), and anticlockwise on the other, and add other routes within my neighborhood.  This route has an average elevation gain of 115 to 120 meters ASL depending on the direction you take.  It's mostly road running, with a bit of trail running on Oloitoktok road.  I prefer to run on the parts that are not tarmacked to the extent possible.  As I run early in the morning, I don't encounter too many people, noise or obstructions on the road.  However, a later start would mean more vehicular and pedestrian traffic and noise on this route. 

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