Asics Men's Hyper Speed

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What Asics Say:

The Hyper Speed shoe is a lightweight and smooth racing flat that incorporates a series of energy-saving philosophies. This modern flat is ready to tackle a range of distances and get you to the finish line faster while using less energy. Additionally, this racing flat features a versatile design that's functional for running fast without breaking the bank.

A lightweight and breathable mesh upper will help keep you cool and dry, while the sockliner uses fewer resources for its coloring process to follow a more sustainable design approach. Additionally, the exaggerated toe spring and higher stack height are combined to help provide energy-saving benefits for your tempo workouts or races.


  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Guidesole technology inspiration helps conserve energy
  • Higher stack height in the midsole
  • Sustainable sockliner dye

Design Features

  • Brand Categorization: Road
  • Weight:210 g
  • Heel Drop: 5 mm
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