FKF 2020 Anniversary Virtual Race - 5KM Route

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Course Markings

  • The start/finish point is at the barrier next to Amani Gardens.  There are two race banners attached to the barrier
  • The course is marked with chalk and yellow laminated arrows marked "5km"


Course Overview

  • Head down the side of Amani Gardens towards the road and take the path around Lily Lake towards No. 5
  • Turn right at No. 5 up the hill, towards the main gate.  When you hit No. 2 turn left down the Family Trail
  • Follow the Family Trail until No. 8 and take the left up the Turaco Path.  Go straight at No. 9 and take the left at No. 10
  • After the two ups and downs turn right at No. 4 back towards Amani Gardens.  Take the path on the right just before the swamp up to the car park and finish


Route Map and Profile


GPX File

If you'd like a copy of the GPX file for the route, please drop us an email to [email protected]