FKF 2020 Anniversary Virtual Race - 10KM Route

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Course Markings

  • The start/finish point is at the barrier next to Amani Gardens.  There are two race banners attached to the barrier
  • The course is marked with chalk and blue laminated arrows marked "10km"


Course Overview

  • Head down the side of Amani Gardens and take the path through the gap in the fence towards No. 5
  • At No. 5 head up the hill, towards the main gate.  When you hit No. 2 turn left down the Family Trail
  • Follow the Family Trail until No. 8b.  Take the right and follow the path over the stream and keep going straight until you return up to the family path at 8a.  Turn right
  • At No. 13 take the steep left turn and turn right at 13a...the next few KM follow Karura's marked 10KM blue trail in reverse, turning right at No. 13b, straight at No. 15, right at No. 16, and left up the Mau-Mau Trail at No. 23
  • At No. 27 take the hill on the left up to the Middle Track.  Turn left down the Middle Track at No.11
  • Take the next two rights at No. 18 and No. 20 (past the barrier at latter) and go straight until you hit No. 10
  • After the two ups and downs turn right at No. 4 back towards Amani Gardens.  Take the path on the right just before the swamp up to the car park and finish


Route Map and Profile


GPX File

If you'd like a copy of the GPX file for the route, please drop us an email to [email protected]